Rancona i-MIX is a novel micro-emulsion (ME) seed treatment formulation containing 20g/l ipconazole + 50g/l imazalil. These two complimentary active ingredients give useful broad spectrum fungicidal activity against seed borne diseases in winter wheat and barley.


Product use: Broad spectrum fungicide seed treatment for use against seed borne pathogens on winter wheat and barley.

Composition: 20g/l ipconazole + 50g/l imazalil

Formulation: Micro-emulsion (ME)

Registration number: MAPP 15574

Chemical family: Rancona i-MIX contains ipconazole (a triazole fungicide) and imazalil (an imidazole fungicide), both of which belong to the DMI-fungicide group (SBI: Class I).

Mode of action: Ipconazole is systemic and contact fungicide giving both protectant & curative activity Mode of action is by inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis in fungal cell walls Ipconazole has a relatively broad fungal spectrum – all classes except Phycomycetes. Imazalil is a well known fungicide with activity against Fusarium and Helminthosporium spp.

Packaging: 20L, 200L & 1000L

More information: ukenquiries@arysta.com

Registered Use
(kg product / ha)
RATE OF Rancona i-MIX PER 1000 KG SEED Maximum number of treatments Latest time of application
Winter wheat Control of seed and soil-borne bunt (Tilletia caries) and moderate control of seedling blight caused by Fusarium species and Microdochium nivale 1.0L One per batch Pre-drilling
Winter barley Control of loose smut (Ustilago nuda) & partial control of leaf stripe in winter barley. In winter barley crops grown for seed, the control of leaf stripe may not be sufficient to prevent higher levels of this disease being seen in daughter crops. Rancona i-MIX improves crop establishment by giving protection against seedling blight and foot rot caused by Fusarium species and Microdochium nivale 1.0L One per batch Pre-drilling

Low active substance rate per MT seed and good safety profile for operators.