PP Captan 80 WG is recognised as one of the leading actives to control scab in apples and pears.

Key Strenghts
  • Multi-site mode of action makes CAPTAN is an excellent fit in resistance management programs.
  • The 80 percent wettable granule formulation means less product to haul, handle and store.
  • Flexible application possible with either handheld or mounted spray equipment.

Product use: Preventative foliar fungicide.

Composition: 80% w/w captan

Formulation: Water dispersible granule

Registration number: MAPP 16294

Chemical family: Phthalimide

Mode of action: Used in preventative spray programs, Captan has multi-site activity that aids resistance management.

Storage conditions: Keep in a dry store.

More information: ukenquiries@arysta.com

Registered Use
Crops/situations: Maximum individual dose: (l product / ha) Maximum total dose: Maximum number of treatments: (per year) Latest time of application:
Apple 2 - 10 31 days before harvest
Pear 2 - 10 31 days before harvest
Directions of Use


For the control of Scab in apples and pears Rate of use: Max 2.0 kg product/ha in a minimum of 200 L/ha water according to the foliar coverage. Timing: Apply at bud burst and repeat at 10 day intervals, 7-10 applications per season.


Before use ensure all equipment is clean. Agitate the product thoroughly before and during application.

For hydraulic sprayer: Add half the required volume of water and start agitation, add the required quantity of PP CAPTAN 80 WG. Fill the tank to the required volume whilst maintaining agitation.

Continuous agitation must be maintained until spraying is complete. Use only clean water.

For knapsack sprayer: mix thoroughly and use immediately.


Good coverage is essential. Apply to orchards with a water volume adapted to the vegetation size up to short of run-off.

Ensure the sprayer is correctly calibrated before use. Do not leave spray liquid in the sprayer for long periods (i.e. during meals or overnight).

Immediately after spraying, rinse inside of spray tank with clean water and flush through nozzles using at least one-tenth of spray tank volume. Drain completely. Thoroughly clean any measuring equipment after using PP Captan 80 WG.

PP CAPTAN 80 WG is a preventive fungicide so the first application should be made just before disease is expected to appear, with repeat applications at the recommended intervals for so long as protection is required.


Sprayers previously used to apply alkaline materials or oils must be thoroughly washed out before using PP CAPTAN 80 WG.