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Warning: Barley yellow dwarf virus risk this autumn
Crops sown this autumn are at high risk of barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), following an increase in aphid populations earlier this year.
With reports of infections in spring crops, cereal volunteers and grass weeds create a 'green bridge' for aphids, which carry and spread the virus to newly emerging crops.
Growers are encouraged to monitor aphid activity and take appropriate action, such as applying a cypermethrin-based insecticide, active on a range of economically-important pests. Cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, works by targeting the nervous system of the insect, causing rapid knock-down and ultimately, control. For more information about aphids, consult the AHDB's Aphid News.
Cypermethrin is an active ingredient of Cythrin Max EC®, to discuss cypermethrin or Cythrin Max, contact Rob Adamson; or, call our Technical Advice Line: 01482 231772.

Reminder: Diflubenzuron non-edible use only
As of December 31, 2017, Active substance, diflubenzuron, can only be used on non-edible crops. Products sold prior to this date can be used until September 8th, 2018.
No longer registered for edible uses, the product can still be used for non-edible applications such as forestry and amenity.

This active ingredient is found in DimilinFlo®. Please contact your Account Manager for further guidance moving forward.

Clethodim stewardship changes
Following feedback from users and trials at Arysta LifeScience, changes have been made for the stewardship of clethodim-based products including Centurion Max® and Select Prime®.
The changes include reducing the no-spray window from 14-days to 10-days prior to application.
Post application, a 14-day no-spray period is in place for herbicides and fungicides, and a 7-day period for nutritional products and insecticides.
Don Pendergrast said: “Following detailed trials work, we are pleased to be able to adjust the stewardship of products such as Centurion Max in recognition of the importance of nutritional products in crop establishment. We will continue to research clethodim so that we can give users improved flexibility, without compromising on crop safety.”
For more information, contact Don Pendergrast or call our Technical Advice Line: 01482 231772.

Rooting & Crop Establishment key to breaking yield barrier
The role of plant nutrition is well known in early crop development, but now, interest is growing in how best to harness this potential through improved rooting. Plants source nutrients via the root system and leaves, and one method of improving rooting is biostimulants - products that can improve the health, depth and size of roots.
Biostimulants work by improving the plant’s metabolism, facilitating nutrient and water absorption through the root system, and by boosting quality attributes such as fruit setting, grain quality and limiting flower drop. This in turn improves a plant’s ability to tolerate stress conditions, so allowing yield to reach its potential.
Because growers know so much more now about how crop nutrition works, they understand that stimulating a plant’s immune system and metabolism is key, and how this can be influenced in a positive manner, such as by using biostimulants.
One biostimulant product offered by Arysta LifeScience is Rooter. Read about Rooter, here. Or find out more at CropTec in November, where Arysta LifeScience is sponsoring the event's Biostimulant Hub.

Last opportunity to control grassland weeds
With Autumn on the way, we are fast approaching the last opportunity for weed control of established grass leys. Applied once a year before the end of summer, herbicides such as 2,4-D selectively control broad-leaf weeds by imitating a plant growth regulator and causing rapid growth.
2,4-D is an active ingredient of Genoxone ZX. For more information, call your account manager.

Withdrawal Reminder
Friday September 15th 2017 was the final day for sale and distribution of the following grassland products:
Broadshot MAPP No. 16655
Cleancrop Broadshot MAPP No. 16756
Kaskara MAPP No. 16757 

Product sold prior to this date can be used for a further 12-month period (until September 15, 2018).

2017 Tour
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