Arysta LifeScience aspires to be known and respected as a company that sets new standards in crop production by applying bioscience in agriculture.

Arysta LifeScience UK provides modern, progressive solutions for sustained crop production. We develop and market a unique portfolio of seed treatment, crop protection and biosolutions products optimized for both specialty and arable sectors.

Our UK team works in partnership with distributors across the UK to provide innovative solutions for customers in the crop protection, turf and public health sectors.

Arysta LifeScience facilities in Noguères, France, and Ougrée, Belgium, produce herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, while our operation in Saint-Malo, France, focuses on biosolutions , a facility in Evesham serves as a center of excellence in seed treatment.


Arysta LifeScience is a global agricultural company specializing in the marketing and distribution of innovative crop protection and life science brands. With more than 200 active ingredients, Arysta LifeScience has a well-integrated biological and chemical portfolio to provide complete solutions to growers. The company’s wide range of offerings includes biosolutions; fungicides; herbicides; insecticides; and seed treatments. Arysta LifeScience, which has more than 4,000 employees working in over 100 countries to serve customers worldwide, had 2015 revenues of US$1.8 billion.

Arysta's “asset-lite, high-touch” business model optimizes its cost structure, resulting in greater flexibility and responsiveness to dynamic market changes. The asset-lite model involves mixing and blending ingredients supplied by others to produce unique formulations having performance characteristics that precisely target customer needs. The high-touch component of the model addresses Arysta's skilled research and development capability enhanced by a strong commercial, marketing and technical teams that stay close to the customer.

The new Arysta LifeScience is a consolidation of three legacy businesses: Arysta LifeScience, Chemtura AgroSolutions and Agriphar. The merging of these companies gave the new entity an unrivalled combination of leading products, complementary geographies across the globe, and deep market knowledge built on a combined 270+ years of business experience. Since 2015, the Company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Platform Specialty Products (NYSE: PAH), based in Miami, Florida.


Our Global Footprint with 4 Business Units around the world

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WHAT we stand for

Our mission is to cultivate prosperity through advanced agriculture.

We develop unique combinations of innovative crop protection technologies and biosolutions for sustainable farming.

We aspire to be known and respected as a company that sets new standards in crop production by applying bioscience in agriculture.

Our values and behaviours are in the basis of everything we do

  • Customer focus

    Customer focus

    We strive to help our customers to succeed by offering advanced solutions, improving our responsiveness, and anticipating their needs. Our goal is to make the customer the driving force behind our decision-making.

  • Innovation


    We regard innovation as a process of finding unique solutions that result from new ways of thinking, creating new processes, or developing new products. Innovation is the force that keeps our Company's products near the top of customers’ preference lists.

  • Integrity and mutual respect

    Integrity and mutual respect

    We are dedicated to managing and operating our business in line with the highest business, ethical and moral principles. By maintaining our integrity through open, honest and fair dealings, we earn trust for ourselves and our products from everyone with whom we come in contact.

  • Safety & Environmental Stewardship

    Safety & Environmental Stewardship

    Safety in the workplace and in work practices is a priority. We strive to operate with the highest regard for safety and environment compliance.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Entrepreneurial spirit

    We encourage entrepreneurial spirit - an approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, instead of simply responding to it. Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by critical questioning, high level of performance, result driven approach, and direct accountability.

Production and R&D sites

We have a number of formulation plants, laboratories and research facilities in France, Belgium and England.

  • Noguères, France

    Date of foundation: 1992

    Services: formulation, packing and distribution services, inward process relief, bonded warehouse, storage of crop protection products

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    Formulation type:
    • Granulation (GR)
    • Flowable: Suspension Concentrate (SC)
    • Liquid: Emulsifiant Concentrate (EC), Soluble Liquid (SL), Ultra Low Volume (ULV)
    • Powder: Water Dispersible Granule (WDG)
    A range of packaging:
    • From sachets of 125ml to intermediate bulk containers (IBC) of 1000L 
    • From sachet of 4g to big bags of 1000kg

    Storage: 12 000 m², 9 000 MT

    Laboratory: development and quality control

    The site in Nogueres meets Quality and Safety Standards through compliance with Health and Safety Policy and different Certifications processes. It was granted with following certificates: ISO 9001 v2008, ISO 14001 v2004 and OHSAS 18001 v2007.

  • Ougrée, Belgium

    Date of foundation: 1945

    Services: formulation, packing and distribution services, storage of crop protection products

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    Formulation type:
    • Flowable: Suspension Concentrate (SC)
    • Liquid: Emulsion Concentrates (EC), Water-Soluble Concentrate (SL), Micro- Emulsions (ME), Oil in water emulsions (EW), Water in oil emulsions (EO), ULV solutions (UL)
    • Powder: dust powder (DP)
    A range of packaging:
    • From cans of 100 ml to bulk containers (IBC) of 1000L
    • From 5 kg bags to bigbags

    Storage: 20 warehouses equivalent to 20,000 m2

    Laboratory: development and quality control

    The site in Ougree is meeting all the requirements of quality control, environmental demands and health and safety standards. It has following certificates ISO 9001 v2008, ISO 14001 v2004.

  • Saint-Malo, France

    Date of foundation: 1971

    Services: production, formulation, packing, distribution, and storage of BioSolutions

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    Formulation type: Suspension Concentrate (SC) and Soluble Liquide (SL)

    Storage Capacity: 2000 pallets

    R&D capabilities: 4000 m²

    Plant Pathology and Physiology laboratory (500 m²) with 5 climatic rooms and 4 greenhouses (100 m²) for tests in controlled conditions, belonging to Global Biological Laboratories Departement:
    • Screenings of Plant Protection Products, Biostimulants and Innovative Nutrition products
    • Mode of action elucidation
    • New products development

    Screening area in field (3000 m²) to carry out the first screenings of products before testing in the field within the different regions of the world

    Quality control
    The site in Saint-Malo meets all the requirements of quality control, environmental demands and health and safety standards. It has ISO 9001 v2008 certificate.
  • Evesham, UK

    Date of foundation: 1971

    Services: global formulation and seed treatment centre of excellence

    • Formulation design, development & manufacturing support
    • Analytical support for formulation development (July 2016)
    • Seed Laboratory
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    Formulation laboratory: Development of high quality innovative crop protection and seed treatment formulations to international standards

    • All formulation types
    • Formulation development, physical/chemical characterisation, shelf life and packaging studies
    • Formulation laboratory, preparation area and pilot plant

    Analytical laboratory:

    • Chemical analysis of crop protection and seed treatment formulations

    Seed laboratory:

    • Seed safety and selectivity studies
    • Vigour and growth stimulation tests
    • Efficacy and compatibility testing
    • Quality test: distribution, coverage, color, dust-off

    Quality control: ORETO (Official Recognition of Efficacy Testing Organisations) Compliance, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) – an International Quality system supported by the OECD

  • Natural Plant Protection (NPP), France

    Date of foundation: 1994


    • Development and production of biocontrol products
    • Synthesis and fomulation based on four biotechnologies: Insect viruses, Enthomopathogenic fungus, Plant extracts, Semiochemicals 
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    • Product and Bioprocess development
    • Quality control
    • Microbiology and Entomology Laboratory belonging to Global Biological Laboratories Department


    • 2230 m² allocated for mass insect rearing
    • 900 m² of white rooms with temperature and humidity control
    • Formulation and packaging facilities
    • Storage with controlled temperature (+4° / -18°C)

    NPP meets all the requirements of quality control, environmental demands and health and safety standards.